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About Us

Travel not to escape life,
but for life not to escape you.


In 2017 we decided to make our dream come true, creating Bravo Luxury Travel, a boutique and creative alternative to most travel agencies. We specialize in offering the most original, exclusive and personalized services. Every trip is tailor-made to our client’s dream vacation with offerings that are highly authentic, boutique and luxurious. Our travelers can also be completely secure and enjoy their vacation in peace when they decide to trust us to discover the best of Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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Pablo Argüelles


Coming from a Spanish family of restaurateurs in the Northern Spanish region of Asturias, Pablo started working in the Philippines as a concierge for some of the best hotels in the country, becoming one of the youngest Les Clefs d´Or members. Learning the best-kept secrets of the hospitality profession, he began to dream about different ways of traveling and created BRÄVO Luxury Travel, a way for travelers to experience the Best of Europe not as a tourist, but as a refined voyager.


Pablo is passionate about the newest luxury travel trends, and as a recognized professional sommelier he likes tasting new hidden gems and fine wines. Pablo is a football aficionado and avid player, enjoying a game at the stadium when his travel schedule allows him.

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Nina Aquino


Coming from a diverse background, Nina Aquino has grown up as a child of the world. Brought up in the United States, with parents from Hong Kong and the Philippines, and months abroad in France and Italy, Nina cultivated a deep love for Europe. Her experience in New York City as a luxury interior designer and architect at the renowned members-only club, Soho House, cultivated her eye for the finest hotels and interiors worldwide. 


Nina lives by the belief that immersing yourself fully in a culture and living as the locals do is the best way to fully experience any city, place, or destination. When not traveling the world, you can find her enjoying a glass of fine wine, admiring up-and-coming artists & architects, wearing the latest fashions and eating good food.

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We understand that luxury means something different for everyone, but for us, the real luxury is being able to look into the eyes of our travelers, to look beyond mere experiences, and to uncover the core of our client’s wildest passions and dreams. 


This is when we begin to turn your dreams into the experience of a lifetime.


All our travel designers are experienced travellers and experts in the destinations where we operate. This inside knowledge gives us the confidence and safety to know that our expertise will make one-of-a-kind memories on your custom journey.


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