Updated: May 26

Have you ever Heard of the Word Castilla? If history and architecture are some of your passions and you would like to know more about the traditions and the insights of the Spanish culture this would be one of the most interesting parts of your Spain Trip.

Welcome to the heart of Spain

The famous Castilla y Leon and Castilla y La Mancha, together with Extremadura and Aragon for us represent the most authentic picture of the interior of Spain.

, inland regions, with no access to the sea but with a beautiful patrimony of art, historic cities and architecture.

Discover the different remains of styles gothic, roman, muslim…,an awful lof of history and culture hidden in these vibrant cities that adapt to the modern times but still proud of their historical gems.

The largest collection of Romanesque art in the world is here. Cities like Segovia, Toledo, Salamanca, and Avila…

And of course the jamon… with the guided visits to the fields where the wild black pigs roam and provide the high-quality meat that makes jamon ibérico.

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