Updated: May 26

Picasso traced his route through Barcelona. And now, you can follow his routine, put yourself in his skin and feel what he felt in his day to day since he arrived with his family in 1895. Through the mythical bohemian scene that we all recognize in our collective imagination, you will discover a Barcelona that expresses art, history and fascinating lifestyle on each side of its streets. In a guided route, you will visit the most emblematic places where artists and intellectuals met to give place to their masterpieces. Places where magic and talent found inspiration: art galleries, modernist art, secret districts, literary bars and cabarets. Also, you will discover the studios where

Picasso created his most fascinating works. The final point of this magnificent tour will be the guided tour of the incredible Picasso Museum. Marvel at the hand of the curator of the Museum, of all his works, his source of inspiration and all the secrets that hide his works.

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